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The Shattered

my new story spin off for the DE since part 3 of the Coup.

Here you go! :)

The Shattered

A tiny speck of unlight pierced the bright, early summer morning on Choran III.

It rapidly grew in size, soon large enough to fit a large structure through. Inside, if one looked closely, foggy shapes could be made out, tall spires of pure black, in a realm of undiluted malice and hate. From this portal, one shape grew in size and shape until it seemed close enough to touch, if any human were rash enough to stand that close to the evil-looking apparation.

With a sound of reality splitting, a single ship tore through the veil.

Death had come to Choran.


Kharrass awoke. Only 2 thoughts occupied his mind. One was a simple desire to know where he was. the second was a headache that threatened to rip his head asunder.

With a snarl, Kharass tore free of his fighter's restraints and hit the release rune on the console in front of him. The cabin of his razorwing flooded with bright light that hurt his eyes, even through his helmet. grabbing his huskblade and blast pistol, he jumped onto the ground and landed unsteadily.

What in the the name of the muses had happened?

Kharass tried to recall the events from his escape of the Slave Cruiser. He dimly recalled traversing the webway and encountering some form of hostile, but the full recollection evaded him.

The point was moot. He climbed to the highest point on his ship, balancing on the vanes at the rear end. His Head still pounded but with a supreme effort he forced the pain away. He had to concentrate.

He did not see any life near his ship. magnifying his lens' he panned across the landscape until he came across a small town.


He knew that he needed to inflict pain and replenish his fading strength, and soon. Hopping down from the vane, he set off towards the settlement.

There, he mused, would be a great place to start.

The sun was at its zenith by the time Kharrass reached the town. Clinging to the little shadows remaining, he studied the town and moved silently towards the town center. The entire effort took him about an hour to complete. He soon found himself hiding on the roof of the building overlooking the town center. Below, the square bustled with activity. Kharrass looked on in contempt as he noticed who these people were.


Kharass' hands twitched with the killing urge, but he needed to ensure he could slaughter them without being mauled by security forces. He knew that in his weakened state, he couldn't afford a protracted combat.

scanning the crowd, Kharass only noticed about 4-5 bored and tired looking humans with weapons. He surmised that they must be part of the Planet's Defence forces. He smiled evilly. He would return to this planet with his kabalite bretheren once he had been picked up. Returning to the present, Kharass made his way over to the Guardsmen, who he could now tell were discussing how to win at "cards." He tensed and prepared to attack.


"Dammit Freydrich! NO! you don't show the other players one card to make them think they have a better hand!"

Trooper Vorris yawned and reclined on the seat he was in as he listened to Brox try to explain the rules to the squad's stereotypical Muscle man. Freydrich was the son of a lower noble, but he was extremely dumb. All the product of inbreeding between those pompous freaks, thought Vorris. Looking over the square, he noticed Ghreeno and Wilhelm returning from their patrol of the area, although their patrols undoubtedly involved keeping their eyes on the local women instead of the area. Only Brox was competent enough a trooper to guard an area and he was preoccupied by a love of gambling. Vorris sighed and finished his sweep. As he turned to look at Ghreeno and Wilhelm again to make sure they were doing their jobs, he noticed a glint from one of the pots being sold. It was green, which was unusual. It took Vorris a minute to react and turn, by which time it was too late.


Kharrass swore under his breath and decided to move. That one human on the chair had noticed him, he was sure of it. The man's face betrayed confusion, which told Kharrass everything he needed to know. Standing, Kharrass unsheathed his blade and launched himself into the soldiers.

He landed with an audible crack, and looked down to see that he had broken one of the mon-keigh's backs. His huskblade flashed and ripped through a soldier's chest armor. Turning, he drew his blast pistol and shot one of the 2 that had been playing cards. Now only the Chair-trooper and the one who had been yelling were left to oppose him. preforming admirably, they dropped into crouches and took cover behind a thick metal barrier. Deprived of his blast pistols power, Kharass' mind took in the situation in the time it took for his heart to beat. aiming his pistol, he shot out a canopy above their heads, forcing them to either move or waste time getting rid of the canopy.  Moving into sword range of them, Kharass rammed the weapon up to the hilt into where he had last seen the yelling trooper. A cry of exsquisite pain rewarded Kharass' efforts. Unfortunately, his weapon was now stuck fast into the metal. A flurry of lasgun shots slammed into Kharass. It seemed the Chair trooper had recovered. Jumping into cover, Kharass waited for a heartbeat before his mind came up with a plan...one worth putting into action.

Vorris was shaking. He had been about to shout a warning when a bone colored apparation had smashed wilhelm into the pavement. He had watched Ghreeno die a miserable death on the thing's blade, and witnessed his body dry out and wither in the wind. Freydrich hadn't lasted much longer as the warrior incinerated his chest. It was only then that Vorris had been able to notice what the killer actually was...a Dark Eldar. One of the slavers. It was only Vorris instincts that had allowed him to drop and get into cover. His mind had raced as the canopy had fallen. It was only when things got quiet that he recoevered and moved. He knew that this eldar warrior would be able to predict where they were, and seconds later Brox had died as terribly as Ghreeno. Standing, Vorris had resolved to avenge his friend and he hammered half his clip into the eldar's chest. The slaver had staggered back into cover, and Vorris had kept his weapon trained on the same spot for a minute now. Vorris took a step out of cover, and allowed his guardsman's training to keep him moving. By now, the square was empty, all the citizens having ran as soon as th guardsmen had started dying. Reaching the wall, Vorris said a quiet prayer to the emperor and stepped around. a slight movement sent Vorris' trigger finger clamped down until his ammo counter was empty and his lasguns charge counter insistently pulsed red. exchanging magazines, he looked at what he had killed, and lost control of his stomach.

The bloody mess ended in two legs. It was all that was left after Vorris' fullisade. But that wasn't the worst part. The two legs were covered in the light blue and gray of the PDF. Vorris had shot one of his own troops.

Vorris vomited again and again. just as he thought he couldn't any more, he did again. For a few minutes this continued until finally, shaking, the spasms ended. Realizing what he had done he threw his weapon away, deep into an abandoned alleyway. Turning, he resolved to go home, apparation or no.

Except that Kharass had other ideas. Having flanked the soldier, he was waiting when Vorris turned.

Vorris' screamed and fell into what had been the contents of his stomach only a minute ago. Grabbing the guardsman by the face, Kharrass lifted him up until his legs were dangling. Feebly, Vorris threw his arms at the Slaver, his bare hands bouncing off the Lord's armor. Waiting, the Dark Eldar only spoke once Vorris had ceased his struggles.

"I must thank you, you pathetic meatbag. You and your comrade's deaths have reinvigorated me. Now i can truly begin planning my escape."

Vorris' eyes widened, but before he could respond, the Archon's hidden venom knife in his gauntlet had shot straight into the Guardsman's neck. As Vorris' life fled from his body, the last thing he heard was a solemn promise from the Eldar that brought tears to the human's eyes.

"I am Archon Kharrass of the Shattered, and I AM this world's death."

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The Coup part 3 of 3

The final installment. after this the stories split. Kharrass will reside here and Erik will appear on anvilofwar.blogspot.com

so read on!


Acting Captain Garrett paced on the bridge of the Thunderous Might, Captain Erik's Strike Cruiser. He had been tracking the Captain since his capture by the sadistic Dark Eldar a year ago. H e wondered how his Captain was doing. Garrett knew that Erik WAS alive, due to the frequent clues dropped by the captain. But that didn't ascertain his Commander's status.

Was we nothing but a shadow of what he had once been?

Garrett pushed such thoughts from his mind and refocussed on the task at hand. They had picked up a weak bionic signature from the Captain somewhere in the Artemis Delphi system, and were about to drop out from warp travel.

The Ship's Deck Officer called out.

"Drop Out in 10 seconds!"

Garrett activated his comms, his voice loud and sharp on the vox.

"All marines on the Might, strap in and prepare for drop out. Once we are out, prepare yourselves for immeadiate boarding. Get to your Assault ships and hope the any enemies out there are unaware that we are leaving the immaterium. In his name, brothers."

The Deck Officer signaled the drop out in
3 seconds...The ship began to shake and groan.
2...The Might seemed to stretch longer.
1...everything began to shake violently

They were through. Garrett walked over to the Viewscreens. There was nothing currently in the area...but Garrett knew that looks could be deceiving.
"Full active scan of the surrounding area. and Dark Patches are what we are looking for. Power up Shields and disengage safeties on the torpedos and lances."

The Bridge crew responded immeadiately. "Aye Sir."

Garrett frowned. Something wasn't right. The signal had come from here and remained here for a long time. He knew the Captain was here...but where? His eyes scanned the darkness.


A small patch of pure darkness interrupted the randomness of the stars. Garrett knew this was what he had been looking for for a year now. His Captain was aboard that ship...and it was time to get him back.

"Commander Vair, please overlay that shape in quadrant Theta 4-9i. Then move in a standardized Patrol pattern towards that area...but make it seem like we have no idea we're there. Target the Engines while we're moving. At my command, launch torpedos and fire lances."

"aye Lord. The shilhouette matches the ship we're looking for. and I agree...wouldn't want to spook them now would we?" Replied Vair with a wink.

Garrett opened the vox to his Marines again. "Marines, all squads to the Caestus Rams. The Captain is whithin reach. We will find him, rescue him and avenge our fallen brothers."

A choruses of ayes came from the Squads. Additionally, Sergeant Reath asked the question that all the sergeants were temted to ask. "Brother, what if our Captain is Dead?"

Garrett replied coldy. His voice sounded like steel and was full of conviction. "Then we will make the Bastards that killed him pay. Now to your ships. Its time to end this chase."


Kharrass rolled his eyes. If this was another false alarm, he would feed the captain of the cruiser to the Khymerae in the lower holds.

He strode onto the deck and his attitude changed as he saw the expressions on the Crew's faces. He approached the Captain.

""What now? I was busy."

The Captain fidgeted nervously, obviously uncomfortable with the information he had discovered.

"Well, Lord Archon, a Marine Strike Cruiser just dropped out of the Warp...It bears the livery of the Astral Guard."

Kharrass' temper flared. He could feel the blood pounding in his veins and he knew his huskblade would end this fool quickly. but he needed a Captain right now.

"So what have you done about it?"

"The ship is simply on a search pattern. its not going to notice us until we're in a position to either cripple it or escape. There's nothing to worried about my Archon." Replied the Captain, much more relieved now that he had said his decision and the Archon hadn't killed him.

Kharrass roared.

"You Imbecile! Gunners, charge the weapons, and bring our shields online!"

Kharrass gave the crew credit. Despite the fact that they were confused, they respected him enough to act without hesitation.
Unfortunately, the Captain wasn't as smart.

"Why? They have no clue that we're here!"

"They've been coming closer slowly! Check their weapons, and i garauntee that they will be charged." Kharrass' voice was now a sibilant hiss.

"Lords, the Archon is right. Their shields are charged and their weapons at full power. we're still pretty much powered down. In fact, we're dead in the water.


Garrett smiled grimly.

"Weapons in range and primed, Lord. We may fire upon your command."

"Cripple them, Captain Vair. Marines, begin assault on the enemy."

Garrett left the deck and joined his warriors. The 3 Assault rams launched at the Eldar vessel.
Then, the Thunderous Might opened fire.


Kharrass unsheathed his blade and stepped towards the Captain.

"Get us out of here, or you will die a slow and painful death."

"Do as the Archon says!" The Captain was wide-eyed and terrified.

"Lords...Its too late. They've fired weapons. Impact in 3...2...1...Brace!"

The ship Shook. Kharrass' kabalites were thrown across the deck. one landed in a pile at the other end of the deck, his neck obviously snapped. A few others had broken limbs. One extremely unlucky one had been impaled on a spike protruding from a pillar.

Kharrass' growled. "Evacuate the Ship. Make a webway jump by Void Dragon Transport onto the closest planet."
Then the Archon turned and impaled the Captain with a snarl.
"You are no longer needed."

The Captain died with a scream of pain.

Kharrass left the Bridge and headed to his Razorwing jetfighter. Once aboard, he abandoned ship along with 5 Void Dragons full of his best Kabalites. His ships left a small trail as he jumped into the expanding webway portal ahead of them.
No one else noticed his group leave.


Garrett's ship was buffeted by the meagre return fire from the Eldar ship. The countdown on his clock dropped to 20 seconds. This close in, he was glad they had crippled the enemy ship before his Caestus rams had gotten in range of the eldar vessel. He felt the Melta Cannons charge. A second later the ship shuddered as they blew a hole into the eldar ship. he felt the prongs of the assault ram smash into the ship and buckle the eldar metal. Suddenly the Caestus Ram came to an abrupt stop. Frag charges blew out any xenos in the area. Garrett looked up at the pilot, who gave him a thumbs up and hit the stud to drop the ramps.

The Restraints holding each marine disengaged.

The Ramps dropped.

Garrett and Tactical Squad Theros charged into the smoke filled breach.


Captain Vair studied the damage done to the Dark eldar vessel. His crew was precise and had done exactly what he had asked. Now it was the Marines turn.

He sat back and poured himself a good measure of Amasec. He had done a fine job indeed.


Garrett roared in anger. The kabalites in his way were smashed by his Thunder Hammer. Their attacks blocked by his Storm Shield. He called out Theros' name.

"Theros! Leave 2 Marines to guard the Assault Ram. Then head towards the Bridge and link up with Sergeant Reath and his Veterans. I'll take Brothers Sammal and Xavier and seek out the Brother Captain. Sergeant Durone's Marines will assault the Reactor."

"Aye Lord! By His Will!" responded Theros. "Furian, Voss, Guard the ram! the rest of you, with me!" He set off towards Sanguinary Veterans of Reath's squad.

Garrett turned. "Come brothers. The Captain awaits."


Erik groaned. His head was foggy. He shook it to clear it and realized where he was with a curse.

A sudden shake alerted the Captain to the fact that the ship was under attack. He smiled and struggled with his bonds. He had been wearing them loose over the last few days and now, with a sudden effort that required all his strength, they snapped. He dropped to the floor, tired from the effort required to break the bonds. He slowly rose to his feet. He walked over to the door and waited to see if anyone was outside. When he had gauged that no one was, he opened the door.

He was greeted by an empty corridor. He stalked towards the armory, going by what he had memorized when he had been dragged half conscious from the hangars to the armory, where his armor and weapons were, to the cell where he had been for almost 12 months.

He had almost reached the armory when he heard running. quickly jumping into the shadows, he watched a lone kabalite run by, obviously startled by something. Erik noted the direction he had come from and proceeded to the armory.

There, in the center of the room, was his armor and weapons, on a rack. He quickly put on his armor and activate his Power sword. He then slid a fresh magazine into his bolt pistol. He left the room. He knew the main barracks was only a few meters away from the armory. He primed a grenade from his belt and threw it into the armory before closing the doors. The blast echoed all along the corridor. Erik heard the warriors from the Barracks run down the corridor. He chuckled and threw 2 more grenades down the hallway. He saw eldar flying in many directions and charged in, his power sword flashing. his first stroke decapitated a kabalite, his second cutiing through a warriors rifle before he smashed his boltpistol into the warriors helmet and fired point blank. The Back of the eldar's head exploded, showering its companions in gore. Erik fired 2 more times into the melee, each shot finding its target. His power sword leapt up to parry a strike from another kabalite. he pushed and rammed the blade up to its hilt into the eldar. A blow to Eriks arm caused him to drop the blade and punch the offending xenos in the chest, sending him flying back and breaking his ribs and destroying his organs. Erik retreived his blade and spun on his heel, disembowelling a kabalite who had been trying to sneak up on him. Erik reversed his grip on the blade and slammed it back into another eldar. Erik turned and roared. Today was a good day.


Garrett paused as he heard a roar coming from down the hall. He couldn't tell what had made that sound but he knew whatever it was, it was close. He pressed on, his thunder hammer smashing Eldar time and again. Sammal had drawn his combat knife and had his bolter in one hand, blasting Kabalites off their feet. Xavier was laughing, burning Eldar by the dozens as he swept his flamer back and forth. eventually, the 3 Marines reached a corridor covered in blood. It tasted of cordite and Garrett knew that someone had been fighting here. He waved his bretheren forward. Sammal coughed in surprise. "Throne....I haven't seen this kind of carnage in a long time."

"That's because I was gone, you fool." said a voice that Garrett hadn't heard in 12 months.

A figure stepped from the smoke. He was covered in blood, his armor dented and scorched. The figure stopped and embraced Garrett before removing his helmet. He grinned and his smile displayed his perfect white teeth. He punched Sammal on the Pauldron playfully and gripped Xaviers' wrist in a warriors Handshake.

"Damn, but I missed you guys."

"Brother Captain! We thought you were dead!" Exclaimed Garrett.

"Oh, a few Eldar aren't enough for me. Besides, if I died, our brother Skjarl of the Space Wolves would need a new drinking partner, which i'm sure he would have trouble finding. But come brothers. It is time we returned to the Might. Have the other squads completed their objectives?"

Garrett checked with the other Squads. They had, and it was time to go. "Yes Brother Captain. Everyone is waiting at their Caestus Rams for you to give the order to return."

"The order is given."


Erik stood motionless on the bridge of the Might, lost in thought.

Captain Vair broke his reverie. "What are your orders, my Brother Captain?"

"Destroy that unholy vessel. Then set course for the Fleet. It is time to rejoin the Chapter." He paused. "Also, get me Brother Raeth...I am in need of him."

"Yes Brother Captain."

Erik watched as the Lances on the Strike Cruiser annihilated the Eldar vessel. The Might then turned and prepared to jump.
Erik strode from the Deck.

Raeth would need to know about the Archon and what Erik had seen before he had been captured. It was imperative that they get this information to the Chapter. Otherwise, it could spell the end of the Astral Guard.

Icarus was under siege.

Ninjaman :D

The Coup, part 2 of 3

So the story kind of begins to diverge from the title, but soon everything will be wrapped up.
anyways, here's part 2:

"Archon Kharrass stepped into the chamber and flexed his shoulders.

The subject was barely breathing, and only the occasional shallow rise of his broad chest gave proof that he was still alive.

Kharrass sighed in frustration. This one had been the last of 6 of his kind in the ships' hold. all had been tough, but by the muses, this one was unbelievably strong. he had broken free 3 times and killed more than 10 of his kabalite guard. That made getting revenge even more important. Kharrass swore he would make him suffer. Not because he had killed so many, but because he was stubborn enough to resist his haemonculi.

Kharrass picked up the syringe on the table and injected its contents into the Human. There was an intense scream of pain and rage, and the Man awoke, his head frothing and shaking from side to side. Gradually he calmed down and the Eldar Lord watched with interest as his head dropped. he stopped breathing and for a moment Kharrass thought the human was dead.

"Hello, scum." Boomed the man.

The volume surprised the Dark Eldar in the room. The Kabalite guard, already on edge from the thought of the giant breaking loose again, visibly flinched.

Kharrass smiled evilly. "Hello Brother-Captain."

Brother-Captain Erik spat on the floor. "Missed me?"

Part of the Astral Guard Chapter, Erik was a perfect example of what a marine should be, a shining paragon of all that was good in the Imperium. He was known to his brothers as a heroic leader, brilliant tactician, and to normal men he was warm and his sense of humor had always served him well in diplomatic events. A legend even said he had beaten multiple space wolves at drinking contests.

Unfortunately, none of that helped him now.

Kharrass grinned inside his helmet. He admitted, his daily verbal match against this prisoner was interesting. He actually enjoyed it. He stepped back a few meters and motioned the haemonculi to begin. The haemonculi began to cut into the Marines body.

Kharrass watched Erik wince in pain. He started to grin, then chuckle, then he began to laugh heartily. The Haemonculi stepped back, unsure of what was going on.

Kharrass was the first to talk.
"What? is something funny?" Even though his tone was serious, Kharrass couldn't help but smile wryly.

"Oh, no, I just think your Pet just messed with my nervous system. Sloppy work. You should really replace him."

"Oh, and miss all of this fun? I think i may have use for him a bit longer. But, I will consider your offer." Kharrass glanced over at the Haemonculus, who hissed in fear at the thought of what would happen, which would undoubtedly involve some form of vicious alien life form and a horrifying end. The gleam of Kharass' lenses didn't help to reassure the Haemonculus either. Kharrass chuckled. Suddenly his inbuilt comms pinged him. It seemed the Bridge had picked up something. He turned his back on the Marine.
"I apologize for leaving so soon, but other matters call for my attention. I'll return soon for another round."

The Lord left the room. The Haemonculus and guards followed him.

The Brother captain deactivated the bionics in his head. He had activated them earlier in the hope that his bretheren could track his implants' signal. He knew they were close.

"Oh, I'm sure that won't be happening." replied the Captain with a smile, his pearl white teeth gleaming in the gathering darkness."

hope you enjoyed ;) part 3 is....very fighty. :P

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The Shattered Kabal: Army list

Here is my promised army list :)

comments welcome :)

The Shattered Kabal, 2000 points:

Archon Kharrass, huskblade, blastpistol, ghostplate armor, shadow field, Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Webway portal. Points: 210

Drazhar. Points: 230

10 Incubi, Klaivex, Bloodstone, Onslaught. Points: 265

7 Kabalite Trueborn, 4 shardcarbines, Dracon, Agoniser, Shredder, plasma and haywire grenades, ghostplate armor, splinter cannon. Points: 175

4 Kabalite trueborn, Dark lance. Points: 83

10 Kabalite warriors, Sybarite, agoniser, ghostplate armor, blaster, splinter cannon. Points: 155

Raider, Dark lance, flickerfield. Points 70

10 Kabalite warriors, Sybarite, agoniser, ghostplate armor, blaster, splinter cannon. Points: 155

Raider, Dark Lance, flickerfield. Points: 70

3 reavers, arena champion, agoniser, cluster caltrops, blaster. Points: 131

Ravager, 3 Dark lances, Night shields, Flickerfield. Points: 125

Razorwing Jetfighter, splinter cannon, 2 shatterfield missiles, nightshields, flickerfield. Points: 185

Total: 1999

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What's next on the agenda???

well, I have written my first 2 posts! time for a celebration! haha.

But in all seriousness I plan on getting more photos up soon, a painting guide, and another couple stories done. Next up is my army list, so please look out for it and be ready to comment!

ninjman :)

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The Coup

Archon Yestheriac yawned, his face impassive.

He was very large, and would be considered "fat" for an eldar. His armor seemed to groan beneath his bulk, although in all actuality, he was much lighter than most men. His pale complexion spoke of years of excessive depravity. However, bags under his eyes and a narrowness to his eyes lent him a look of weakness. He had not had sport in months. He was weaker than usual.

However, Vorian was no idiot. He had watched as Yestheriac had broken his brother, a respected Dracon, in two in a matter of minutes. But that had been 10 years ago. It was time for revenge.

Vorian signaled to Kharrass, a fellow Dracon and his half-brother, to move in. It was time to strike. Kharrass had made a soulpact with the High Klaivex to leave Yestheriac unguarded for a short while in return for the first choice in slaves to practice against, especially Eldar warriors. Vorian had in turn arranged for a band of Hellions to assault the Spire of the Betrayed in a few minutes.

He waited tensely.

Then, in a sudden flurry of activity, a messenger ran into the throne room announcing the assault. Phase 1 had been completed. The Incubi rushed to intercept their attackers on the lower levels as planned, leaving Yestheriac alone. The door closed and Vorian heard a faint noise that he swore was laughter coming from Kharrass.

"So...you wish to take my position?"

The comment startled Vorian. He thought Kharrass had spoken, but it had actually been Yestheriac. Vorian drew his agoniser and replied,

"Yes, you disgusting excuse for a lord. Your reign is at an end. You've led us to decay and now a band of Hellions threatens us. Hellions! It is time for us to have our old power and glory back. However that requires NEW leadership."

Yestheriac's response came out as a sibilant hiss. "You were once very promising. I should have killed you earlier. But I am more than a match for you, even now."

"Not for both Kharrass and I!"

He heard harsh, grating laughter. "Your brother? Look before you speak!"

Vorian turrned to look at Kharrass. He had folded his arms, watching the confrontation with interest. Vorian's distraction gave Yestheriac enough time to leap forwards and activate his Djinn blade.
Vorian only saved himself by the smallest of margins. He knew one blow meant instant death. He successfully parried more lightning quick attacks. however, he hadn't accounted for Yestheriac's fist, which smashed him back. Vorian backflipped into a crouch a few feet away.

His turn.

He launched himself at the Archon, dealing horrifically fast attacks to the Archon like quicksilver. In a matter of moments he had penetrated Yestheriac's guard 5 times, and only luck kept the Archon alive. It was no competition. Even Yestheriac realised this. Vorian was toying with him.

Yestheriac feinted left, but Vorian was ready and blocked the attack, then followed up with an uppercut to the Archon's chin. Vorian struck down, but was tripped as Yestheriac pulled into a crouch. Yestheriac rolled away, and smashed Vorian's agoniser away with his other leg as he rolled.  Vorian went to retrieve the blade but as his hand grabbed the hilt, he turned over and saw Yestheriac poised to spear him through with the djinn blade. Vorian's mind raced. How had he lost? He was the best swordsman in the kabal! He blamed and cursed at Kharrass for deceiving him. They could have won! All of a sudden the blade fell from Yestheriac's hands and clattered to the floor and a blade emerged from the Archon's chest. Surprise, Confusion and Anger all showed on Yestheriac's features as his body disintegrated. After the last of the Archon was gone, Vorian looked up and saw Kharrass standing where the Archon had been, sheathing his Huskblade.

Vorian's heart leapt. He knew he could count on his Brother. Kharrass put out a hand to pull up Vorian. Vorian grabbed it and got to his feet.

"I thought you had betrayed me for-" Vorian started.

\He never finished. Kharrass had punched him in the gut. Vorian dropped and flopped like a fish out of water. His eyes focused on Kharrass' helmet lenses. Kharrass' hard, raspy voice rang out.

"Fool. I would never willingly give you control of the kabal. That right is mine, and mine alone." He laughed mirthlessly. "Pathetic scum."

Vorian's lungs burned. He couldn't breathe. He watched Kharrass retract the venom knife into his gauntlet and realised he had in fact been betrayed. He desired so much in that moment, but mainly revenge. Or the ability to breathe again. He lay on the floor, dying, for what seemed like an age before Kharrass spoke again.

"I hope you enjoyed that. The expression of pain etched upon your face was...exquisite. Now if you don't mind, I have a Kabal to reform."

With those words Kharrass unsheathed his Blast pistol, and vaporised Vorian in one fluid motion. Regarding the corpse for a moment, he sighed, holstered the pistol and left the room.

There was much to be done.

(Hope you like it. Its the first in a short series of stories regarding my Kabal's founding)
Ninjaman :D

First Post!!!

Hi everyone:

My name is Alek,

I've made this blog so you can track my progress and comment/criticize my newly formed kabal.
They are currently untested, so i'll be looking to all of you for guidance! However to clear something up, I am in no way a competitive player. I'm just looking to have fun and to gather your opinions on my models.

Now...Its time to wreak havoc on realspace. For commorragh!

Ninjaman :D